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"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."
- Maya Angelou

Hi, I'm Sheersty. Welcome!

At Glasswing Creative, LLC, I support your efforts to make messy progress. Joining you as Creative Coach & Consultant, I help you employ innovative approaches to develop yourself and develop others.

You might want (or need) to make
messy progress if...


You are...

  • Personally in a season of growth and transition and/or tapping into deeper purpose around your unique work in the world.

  • Deeply engaged in the work of developing people (leadership development, coaching, training, etc.) and ready to make some strategic shifts.

  • Pursuing outcomes beyond knowledge transfer; you are wanting to evoke deeper, embodied characteristics such as playfulness, creativity, courage, and resilience in your people.

  • Seeking experiential strategies that engage hearts and souls as well as heads - the kind that invite people to bring their whole beings, and all of their beauty and brilliance, to the work of tackling complex issues.

  • Just really curious...

I invite you to have a conversation with me to explore how we can make messy progress together.

Glasswing Creative, Inspired

The butterfly, a masterful teacher, makes the difficult work of transformation look easy. The caterpillar eagerly enters the chrysalis without looking back. It naturally knows to let go of the comfort of what it has been in order to embrace what it can be. It embodies risk, loss, and messy progress.

Transformation is much harder for us, both personally and collectively. We tend to avoid risk and uncertainty. Yet, we can, and must, learn to move beyond our temporary discomfort and the fears associated with loss and not knowing. We have to face our own faulty ways of "viewing and doing" that keep us from having the impact we desire.


Glasswing Creative, LLC, can help you engage more purposefully, strategically, and courageously with yourself and the people you seek to develop.

Creative Coaching & Consulting


Glasswing Creative, LLC provides a creative blend of coaching and consulting services to support individuals, groups, organizations and communities seeking to make messy progress both in themselves and in the world. 

Assuming a facilitative stance, Glasswing Creative employs experiential strategies to help you be-friend risk, acknowledge loss, and invite possibility in order to make authentic Both/And progress: Both personal, embodied progress and collective, systemic community progress.

"A butterfly says, 'The caterpillar-me is history, my metamorphosis a mystery, and today is a present my struggle gifted me.'" - Manali Oak

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I'll share my note "On Becoming a Goop of Imaginal Cells: Messy progress from a caterpillar's perspective."

Thanks for visiting the Glasswing Creative!

I'd love to meet you and to explore how we can make messy progress together.

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