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Butterflies and Business, Inspired

Glasswing Creative, LLC, founded in 2018, is named after the greta oto butterfly, commonly called the "glasswing" for its see-through wings. The glasswing resides in Central and South America; there, its name means "little mirrors." The greta oto is incredibly strong, even though it appears vulnerable.

The glasswing embodies the characteristics I want to live by. I want to serve as a mirror, a reflecting force through which people see themselves (in all their beauty and brilliance) more clearly. I want to be equally strong and vulnerable - courageously human.

I also want to be creative and wild, as the name suggests. 

Creativity and our innate wildness are frequently exiled in the unbalanced pursuit of productivity; these gifts are often the first things to go when life gets busy. But our creative, embodied, and wild capacities are the ones that we most need to access for the healing of our world.

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