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Wooden Hut
Poetry That Wanders With You

On our journey toward wholeness, Sojourner 
paves way
for the honest, often conflicting,
voices we carry inside - where

there is a soulful tribe eager to accompany us

into the Mystery of our own development.

When we allow ourselves the vulnerability
to grow - to hold complexity and possibility -

the spiritual outlook we come to discover,

resembling Home, is both
authentic and extraordinarily hopeful...

...We arrive at a knowing that Life is about
repeatedly losing ourselves in the Sacred

and finding ourselves in the timeless, itinerant 

work of "Becoming" itself.

May this full-length audio and e-book poetry
collection teach us how to explore with

the deepest compassion for self and other,

until we believe - in our roots - that we

existentially belong.


Included with your purchase:

  • Printable .pdf document and .mp3
    audio download of 25 poems by Sheersty Stanton, featuring piano by Mark Whittemore.

  • Postcard mailed to you featuring
    cover art by artist Jamin Still.

  • Five experiential practices to support your spiritual growth.

Poetry That Roots For You

Nature Divine: We, Sacred Things That Grow (2020)
is a symbolic tribute to the indigenous, unglamorous, and sometimes downright bitter “root work” we must undertake to discover our belonging within the divine order of all life. It is a prayer for re-connection.


In this era when duality, linearity, productivity and likeability are prized and often achieved at the expense of others...when we are disconnected from our own thirsting, groaning, reaching…The Wild and The Holy, both in and beyond us, call like fertile soil to seed.


This collection of seven poems asks to be planted outside in the sagacious presence of trees. It pushes through shallow understandings of growth to unearth a story that is more tenderly and mightily human. It begs us to be with and be changed by trees...


Until we love, again, with

all that we are.

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