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The Limits of Coaching

Coaching utilizes similar skills as other helping professions; however, there are some important limitations to understand.

  • Coaching is not the same thing as counseling or psychotherapy.

  • Coaching is not the same thing as legal counsel, medical advice, financial assistance, business consultation, or spiritual guidance. 


Although I have received training in marriage and family therapy, I do not offer therapeutic services through Glasswing Creative, LLC. I provide coaching to individuals seeking future- and goal-oriented personal and professional growth. I do not provide coaching to those seeking to address a mental disorder or physical/emotional problem.


Because of the developmental nature of both professions, there is - at times - an unclear boundary between the work of a coach and that of a therapist. I exercise caution when working close to this boundary and generously refer individuals who would benefit from therapeutic or other professional services.

If you become a coaching client, this information will be discussed in depth at the beginning of the initial coaching session. At that time, you will receive a packet of information and walk through the coaching agreement in detail with me. I encourage you to bring up any concerns you have.

Messy Progress through Coaching

Many people carry negative views of change and avoid adding uncertainty to their lives. I know I have! Growth, too, can ask a lot out of us and be uncomfortable. Both change and growth are hard and risky to embrace, because they involve letting go of some way we know in order to embrace the possibilities of a better unknown. Acknowledging these difficulties, risks and losses often helps individuals move beyond fear into new spaces of progress.

Sometimes, as humans, we also fail to consider the positive aspects of change – what stands to be gained, not just lost. The coaching process helps clients envision what they want for their lives:

  • how they want to be / show up in the world.

  • what work they feel empowered & energized to do.

  • how they want to care for themselves and their relationships.

  • what unique impact they can have.

  • what kind of world they want to help create.

When clients begin to articulate a compelling vision, they often lean into change and growth with courage, motivated by desire instead of fear.​ Coaching builds momentum.

A Coaching Session

The International Coach Federation (ICF) describes a coaching session:  “…the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action…Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future...”

Coaching sessions typically last about 50-60 minutes. The first session will be longer as we will take time to walk through the coaching agreement.

Bi-weekly sessions are typical.

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