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When well beings grow wings,

the world blossoms...

Welcome to Glasswing Creative, LLC! I'm Sheersty.


I believe that well people willing to pursue transformational growth are needed to heal our world. The challenges we face today require us to be at our best: courageous, compassionate, aware, willing to experiment and fail, and capable of re-imagining a more connected future.


I seek to nurture creative, embodied, and wild hope for a vibrant world by teaching individuals experiential, integrative self-care - equipping them to become catalysts for systemic change. In this work, I draw on the rich resources of art, mind-body and spiritual practices, and the natural world.

Learning Sabbath Rest

As I aspire to teach others about self-care, I am challenged to deepen my own practices.


I am a master of effort-ing but a novice to the subject of rest. I am kind to others but struggle with tenderness toward myself. I desire to value play but too rarely give myself permission for it.


As scary as this is, I have chosen to answer the patient call of my soul and go on Sabbatical. I wish to learn, with my whole being, the things that are hardest for me. May God grant me access to more of my innate wholeness and allow me to bring back lessons of healing and nourishment for this hurting and hungry world.

With heart,



Well Beings Grow Wings & The World Blossoms

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