Well Beings Grow Wings & The World Blossoms

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When well beings grow wings,

the world blossoms...

Welcome to Glasswing Creative, LLC! I'm Sheersty.


I believe that well people willing to pursue transformational growth are needed to heal our world. The challenges we face today require us to be at our best: courageous, compassionate, aware, willing to experiment and fail, and capable of re-imagining a more connected future.


I seek to nurture creative, embodied, and wild hope for a vibrant world by teaching individuals experiential, integrative self-care - equipping them to become catalysts for systemic change. In this work, I draw on the rich resources of art, mind-body practice, and the natural world.

Self-care, Re-defined

Self-care is more than a list of check boxes; it's a continuous messy process we engage in the everyday moments of life. By attending to "the HOW" as much as "the WHAT" - by giving yourself permission to try things - you gradually come to know what makes you well. You learn as you live. No efforts are wasted and every attempt at caring for yourself informs your direction.

Self-care is holistic and multi-faceted. As a way of life, self-care impacts your physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and vocational health. Experiential self-care - learning with your body and heart, as well as your head - opens pathways for integrative growth across all areas of your life.


Aware and compassionate ways of being serve as the foundation for health and impact. You can learn to be present with yourself and others through both encouraging and difficult circumstances. You can develop the capacity to tolerate fear, emotion and uncertainty. You can even embrace challenges, understanding that discomfort is a natural and necessary element of growth. 

Glasswing Creative, Inspired

The butterfly, a masterful teacher, makes the difficult work of transformation look easy. The caterpillar eagerly enters the chrysalis without looking back. It naturally knows to let go of the comfort of what it has been in order to embrace what it can be. It embodies risk, loss, and messy progress.

Transformation is much harder for humans, both personally and collectively. We tend to avoid risk and uncertainty. Yet, we can, and must, remember how to move beyond our discomfort and the fears associated with loss and not knowing. We must face our faulty ways of "knowing" and "doing" in order to actively participate in the healing of our world.

The glasswing butterfly, in particular, inspires my work supporting individuals through times of transformation and radical growth.

Being and Doing, In That Order


In the midst of getting things done, rushing around, multi-tasking, and the endless pursuit of "bigger and better," we have forgotten how to BE authentically ourselves - beings wired for connection. Many of the challenges we face today stem from the disconnection inherent in our lifestyles. We live disconnected from our own bodies, hearts and souls. We neglect meaningful connections with the people who live next door to us and those who sit across the aisle. We have disregarded the natural world that supports human life, and, in many ways, we have put aside our very nature as creative, wild and embodied beings.

Connection is perhaps our most vital, healing resource. 

In my roles as coach and teacher, I connect with individuals, first, as fellow human beings remembering how to BE and breathe. I provide a safe exploratory space for them to "recover their humanness," to grapple with the messy realities of life, and then to leverage their capacities for connection and integration, both personally and in community.

"A butterfly says, 'The caterpillar-me is history, my metamorphosis a mystery, and today is a present my struggle gifted me.'" - Manali Oak